Earning Opportunities with Chihuahua

Our token aims to bring profits for the whole community, to make it happen Chihuahua will offer a few different earning opportunities.

Simple passive income with redistribution

Due to the redistribution mechanism build in tokens smart contract, all holders get new tokens with every transaction on the market. Our 5% tax redistribution means that 5% of any transaction on PancakeSwap involving Chihuahua is shared among all token holders proportionally to the number of tokens they own.

Future projects and community involvement

In future projects, we plan additional benefits for the holders of the #HUA token, thanks to which people holding our token will additionally gain value in the form of, for example, shares in future tokens related to the Chihuahua Ecosystem. Thanks to this, we would like Chihuahua to be treated as a long-term investment that will bring more and more benefits over time.

Greater value as the community grows

As the number of members in our community grows, there will be a snowball effect, it will be in the interest of each new holder to help develop the project and increase its popularity. As the so-called Word-of-mouth marketing will keep growing - community members will attract people with similar ideas and skills.

Deflationary mechanisms

Chihuahua is a deflationary token, which means that 5% of each purchase or sale transaction is automatically sent and locked for life in the pool of liquidity tokens, thus, with each transaction, the total pool of tokens available for purchase decreases, and as a result, the value of remaining tokens increases.
Additionally, this mechanism guarantees the longevity of the project. The liquidity pool will never be used again. As long as there is an intelligent binance chain - the project will also be there, the market will have liquidity, and users will be guaranteed the security of funds invested in the Chihuahua token.

Income from providing liquidity

Due to deflationary mechanisms mentioned earlier, liquidity providers receive from PancakeSwap 0.02% of every transaction with the Chihuahua token. Providing liquidity is associated with impermanent loss.