🗺️ Roadmap

Brief showcase of our plans for the upcoming months.

2021 Q2

✔️ Fair Launch of Chihuahua token
✔️ Listing on coinmarketcap and coingecko
✔️ Building communities on social platforms like discord, telegram, twitter. Creating a space for people who share our ideas and want to take part in the Chihuahua project. Strengthening individuals' sense of belonging to a community by involving them in various activities.
✔️ Reaching 2000 holders within the first week after launch
✔️ One of the marketing activities is the advertising of cities, quite unusual in the world of cryptocurrencies. Initially, it will be launched in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. We hope that in this way we will be able to attract the interest of a large group of people, which will translate directly into brand recognition and expansion of our community.
✔️ Online marketing strategy:
  • TikTok viral videos - We noticed that many coins became popular thanks to TikTok but their only purpose was to pump the price, people were buying because the projects were promoted by influencers, our chihuahuas are angry about it. Why? They involved a lot of people who didn't understand what they were doing, as a project they weren't transparent and offered no value other than the hype. We want to change that, we want to promote Chihuahua thoughtfully and responsibly. One of our goals is to create, in cooperation with choreographers and influencers, a unique and catchy dance - Chihuahua TikTok Dance and viral promotion, thanks to which we expect a lot of interest and increase in popularity of Chihuahua. We were able to get access to the agency account on TikTok, which allows us to be promoted all over the world. We do not want to aggressively promote our coin, we want to direct the attention of the TikTok community to our original project, Chihuahua Academy. This project involves the popularization of, among others, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology as well as new technologies in general, knowledge of which is often not easily available. We plan to achieve this thanks to the proprietary programs of live workshops conducted by our Chihuahua professors, meetings with vloggers and influencers, courses, training, teaching materials in the form of both text and video, and many more. Of course, all of this will be done online.
  • Influencer marketing on instagram - As one of the largest social media platforms, instagram offers great opportunities in the field of marketing. Due to the fact that the platform has long been closely related to promotion and advertising, access to agencies and individual influencers is easier. Thanks to Instagram, we will be able to open up to an additional market and promote Chihuahua using both posts and stories, whether in a more serious version or in the form of memes.
  • Twitter marketing - We plan to create a special Chihuahua Ambassadors program that will bring together over 100 of the most influential and followed cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Youtube videos - Videos mainly aimed at showing our projects and the entire Ecosystem in the most accessible way. In the future, Ask Me Anything videos, interviews, videos from marketing campaigns, etc.
🔜 Complete External Audits
🔜 We want to make our token available for purchase directly in exchange for fiat currencies, we conduct talks with providers of this type of services. Thanks to this, the entry threshold will drop significantly, which may induce some of the people who have so far been overwhelmed by the number of steps that need to be taken when buying a Chihuahua token.
🔜 - Decentralized service providing aggregated cryptocurrency market data.
🔜Chihuahuas can surprise you, and so can we. We have prepared much more than we are able to convey in a short, legible document, a lot of insider information is provided on our social media profiles on twitter, telegram and discord.

2021 Q3

🔜 Chihuahua NFT
  • Small Collection - As one of our non-fungible tokens projects we will be launching a curated, carefully selected and thought through small art collection.
  • Chihuahua Cartoons - Funny and creative set of cartoons with our Chihuahua as the main character.
🔜 HuaSwap - First Independent exchange that helps animals all over the world.
🔜 Chihuahua Academy - Help and support in the complicated blockchain world.
🔜 Even more marketing campaigns
🔜 CEX and whitebit listings
🔜 - We are in contact with representatives of the exchange listing team, we are talking at an advanced stage about the entry of our token on the exchange. We know that we must meet several conditions set by the exchange by that time. We are convinced that it will be a milestone in our project and will allow us to gain a lot of interest and capital inflow. Thanks to the presence on the cryptocurrency exchange, we will open up to a completely new group of people who may be interested in our project but for various reasons do not want to buy tokens through PancakeSwap.
🔜 App for pancakeswap syrup pool
🔜 Add support for additional web and mobile wallets (TokenPocket, Math Wallet, WalletConnect, FortMatic, Portis, Trust Wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, etc.)
🔜 Projects incubator - as an addition to Chihuahua Academy we will encourage its users to create their own projects based on blockchain technology. Thanks to the access to knowledge and tools from Chihuahua Academy, as well as the help of experienced developers, we will help in the development of new projects. We want to give young and less experienced creators a chance for development, thanks to the incubator we will be able to help in planning and implementing new projects. One of the obstacles to entering the market is the financial barrier, with the help of an incubator, we will be able to start cooperation with the most promising projects. In this way, the creators will be able to gain access to our community, mentoring, social media, and their reach, as well as help in creating marketing campaigns or financial aid.
🔜 Holders prediction - Our goal is to have 100,000 coin holders by the end of July 2021. We want to become the top 10 coin on Binance Smart Chain when it comes to a number of holders, the number of holders is important because it will show how strong our community is.